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Natural horsemanship

Horsemanship courses 
We offer natural horsemanship courses for all ages and levels of experience. Barbara is available for private sessions with either our horses, or your horse.

Rocky and Hasse, horsemanship for little people

Barbara has a wide variety of experience with horses, having worked in various branches of the equine industry.

Working with horses on a daily basis has not only developed horsemanship skills, It has also developed a greater understanding of body language, both human and equine. 

Barbara has learnt and further developed natural horsemanship techniques, and is committed to improving the understanding between humans and horses.

We will have a workshop on connecting with horses on 16th May 2015,

register your interest here.

Barbara en Sam, love

Are you looking to improve your relationship with your horse? Are you having problems with your horse like bucking, bolting, dominance issues?

Barbara can help you understand where this behavior comes from, and help you deal with it in a constructive way. 

Or if you're simply curious, and interested to learn more about connecting with horses, our Horsemanship courses are a great way to connect better with horses.

Contact Barbara for more information or to book a session!

Starting youngsters, haltertraining
Newly started under saddle, but today bareback riding
Mother and New Daughter.